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Your roof is exposed to the elements 365 days a year. Protecting your property whatever the weather. In such an exposed position it’s hardly surprising that damage to your roof can occur. This can be a worrying time because it’s not an area that is easily accessible for you.

The truth is you may be unaware there is an issue or able to identify where the roof is damaged. The only evidence is perhaps a leak inside your property or maybe you can see a dislodged tile. Water can travel a long way, so finding the issue is not always easy.

Talk to the experts in roofing services

If you suspect there is damage to your roof, the first step is to talk to an experienced roofing company. With over 15 years’ experience, Kingsley Roofing Services can deal with a wide range of roofing challenges. Working across Northamptonshire we can repair any pitched or flat roof.

An initial site visit will enable us to understand the extent of the problem. We will be able to identify the cause and suggest the best option for you. This could be anything from replacing a damaged tile, re-roofing a complete section to resurfacing a flat roof. But most importantly, we will always provide you with the solution you need.

Exposure to the elements is damaging

The majority of roofing issues arise from exposure to the elements. Our weather is certainly mixed and at times can be extreme. Whatever the conditions there will be an impact on your roof. High winds are probably the most obvious but UV rays from the sun, over time, can actually weaken the integrity of your roof.

Tiles are an important part of a roof and not just for the aesthetics. There is a layer of asphalt underneath, the waterproofing element of your roof. If a tile is dislodged or broken it can expose this element. The impact will be a deterioration in the asphalt which will ultimately lead to water damage.

Flashing on a roof is another area that can become an issue. These are the metal strips that run along the side of a flat roof protecting it from the elements. Flashing is also used to connect walls on the outside of a property. If this starts to lift or deteriorate, it can be another area where water can seep in.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can you come to us?

It really is dependent on your location. We cover Northampton and the surrounding areas so would aim to come and see you within 24 hours.

Do I need scaffolding?

It’s difficult to say until we have made a visit to inspect the roof. The factors that will determine if we need scaffolding are access and safety. If it is only a small repair to the roof, we can usually manage this with just a set of ladders.

Identifying you have a problem

A water stain on the ceiling or the smell of damp will indicate you have an issue with your roof. If your property has a loft space this might not be immediately evident. Going up into the roof space to check will uncover any problems.

Establishing that you do have a leak and actually finding the cause can be difficult. Kingsley Roofing Services are an experienced team of specialists. Once you believe there is a problem, we can come and survey the property and identify what needs to be done. Water will always find the path of least resistance. Which means the leak might be some distance away from the actual roof damage.

Roofing services to minimise problems

Regular maintenance is a good way to keep on top of any problems you may encounter with your roof. It’s a part of your property that is often overlooked and only really gets any attention when there is an issue because the damage is quite noticeable.

Repairing minor damage will prevent your roof from becoming a major headache. Timely, targeted and effective maintenance will save you money. Identify areas of weakness and sort them out before they become an issue.

After a period of bad weather is another great time to check your roof. Strong winds, hailstorms or prolonged periods of frosty weather can have an impact on your roof. Better to be proactive and make the checks. Identify early and fix before it becomes a bigger issue. Click here for a commercial roof repairs guide.

Roof repairs

Roof repairs

Flat roofs

Flat roofs

Pitched roofs

Pitched roofs



If you suspect there is a problem with your roof, get in touch with us today. We can take a look and put your mind at rest.

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