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A roof is not complete without the fascia, soffits and guttering. Not just there for cosmetic reasons but vital if your roof is to protect your building and its contents. The final waterproofing elements for a roof. Designed to ensure water doesn’t seep into the rafters and create issues with damp.

Fascia boards

The fascia is located just below the roofline and will protect the exposed rafters on the roof edges from the weather. This is a really important element that should be installed correctly. It will protect your roof from the wind, rain and snow preventing any water-related issues from developing under the roof.

Because of where the fascia is situated there is also an aesthetic element to consider. uPVC is now the most popular material for fascia boards. These come in a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes. Which means you can choose something that is in keeping with the building and sympathetic to the overall design.

Maintenance of fascia boards is vital. These are visible on the outside of a building so regular checks for wear and tear are advisable. Looking tired or worn is not necessarily a reason to change these boards. But any leaks or damp patches in the roof space should be investigated as the fascia may need to be replaced.


This part of your roof sits just underneath the facia and adjacent to the wall of the building. Forming the roof over-hang, the soffit will connect with the facia boards to seal the roof space. Protecting the rafters from the weather.

The soffits probably aren’t the most noticeable element of a roof but they are really important. Designed to help your building breathe by being vented and allowing the air to circulate in the roof cavity. Which means you can keep the space aired, particularly during periods of extreme heat or wet. This reduces the likelihood of mould developing or rot setting into the rafters.

uPVC soffits come with a couple of venting options. You can either install a soffit that is fully vented which means the vents are an integral part of the board. Or you can install sperate vents into a solid soffit. It’s a personal choice, both options will give you air circulation in your roof space.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can you come to us?

It really is dependent on your location. We cover Northampton and the surrounding areas so would aim to come and see you within 24 hours.

Do I need scaffolding?

It’s difficult to say until we have made a visit to inspect the roof. The factors that will determine if we need scaffolding are access and safety. If it is only a small repair to the roof, we can usually manage this with just a set of ladders.


There is certainly a lot more to guttering than most people realise. Designed to catch the rainfall from your roof, then direct it to a downpipe and into the drains. The ‘fall’ of a roof is a key part of an efficient guttering system. If the water doesn’t run in the right direction you will have pools of water collecting on your roof.

Which is why it’s important you use a professional roofing company to install your roof. The guttering itself needs to be levelled and aligned to give you the correct ‘fall’. So, once the water has run-off the roof it’s caught by the guttering. This then flows in the direction needed to enter the downpipe, to the drains and away from the building.

Cleaning out your guttering on a regular basis is important to ensure water continues to flow. Over time debris will be washed off the roof and collect in the guttering. This can cause water to back-up and overflow. A clear sign that there is a blockage.

Wear and tear on the gutter system will need to be checked. If during periods of heavy rain, you notice water spilling out of the guttering you may have a leak. The joints can warp over time or dislodge, allowing water to escape. Kingsley Roofing Services can assess your guttering and fix any issues you might have.

Roof repairs

Roof repairs

Flat roofs

Flat roofs

Pitched roofs

Pitched roofs



If you live in Northamptonshire and want to know anything about fascia, soffits or guttering give us a call today.

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