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A flat roof is a great option for smaller structures such as extensions, porches and garages. Often compact in design and recognised for the space-saving benefits it offers. In simple terms, it’s a flat base attached to the ceiling joists and covered with a waterproof skin.

Relatively quick and easy to install this is a cost-effective option for many property owners. The simplicity of the structure will mean there is less labour required to install the roof. Which means overall this type of roof can be installed much quicker than a pitched roof.

The option of a flat roof

Compared to a pitched roof, the flat roof can often blend more easily into an existing property. It could be a good solution for you if you need planning regulations passed. Less obtrusive than a pitched roof, it could provide you with a better option all round.

The construction of a flat roof involves laying a base material over the roof decking. A waterproof layer is then applied. The integrity of this covering needs to be durable and flexible enough to withstand the fluctuations of our weather.

This type of roof is exposed in its entirety to the elements by the very fact it is flat. If the waterproofing is not durable your roof may shrink and tear. This will result in damage that will lead to leaking inside your property. At which point you will need to spend more money to correct the roof.

A good quality flat roof is incredibly durable and will last for up to 50 years. Which is why it needs to be installed by a professional roofing company. At Kingsley Roofing Services we provide a guarantee of up to 20 years for all flat roofs we install.

Easy to access and maintain

The maintenance of a flat roof is a lot easier. You can quickly look at the entire flat roof and see if there are any weak areas. If you do see an issue it’s advisable to contact a professional roofing company. The added benefit is that it’s a relatively easy area to access and repair to the damage can be done promptly to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate any further.

Many property owners prefer a flat roof system because it can be easily accessed. This can make cleaning debris which has fallen from your guttering a simple activity. Cleaning the roof surface and any windows that overlook the area is also a straightforward job.

Frequently asked questions

Do you get lots of problems with a flat roof?

It’s a fact that a flat roof will not last as long as a pitched roof. Equally they do have many advantages that we have talked about. If you choose a professional roofing company to install the roof correctly and it’s properly maintained, it will last for many years.

What’s better, a felt roof or a rubber roof?

They are both good options that serve different purposes. There are a number of factors that will determine which one is best for you such as location, purpose and budget. A survey is a good starting point and then we can advise you on the best material to use.

Have you considered the green option?

If you think about the space your roof occupies there is an opportunity to create an outdoor room. Over the years, rooftop gardens have grown in popularity particularly if you are living or working in an urban setting.

This is landscape gardening taken to a new level, the roof to be precise. Once you have a quality flat roof installed why not look at using that space, it’s an opportunity to create a garden with a unique view. The roof structure will accommodate this type of build so why not think outside the box.

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If you live in Northampton or the surrounding area, Kingsley Roofing Services can install a quality flat roof for you. Why not get in touch today.

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