Solar panels generate electricity for free. You can even disconnect your home from the grid and let it run entirely on solar power. Better yet, you may sell the excess energy to the grid. If there are power outages, you can still use your lights and appliances since you have a readily available alternative power source. 

Using solar energy does more than reduce your electric bills. It also helps protect the environment by reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Power from the sun is a renewable source of energy and does not emit greenhouse gases, such as SO2. It is, therefore, safe and clean to use.

A solar PV system has an inverter for converting the DC power from the sun into usable AC power used by most of your home’s electrical devices. 

When it comes to installing solar panels on roofs, you will need a reputable roofing contractor, such as our team at Kingsley Roofing Services. 

Whilst it is possible to set up a solar PV system on your own, most experts agree that it is not a good idea unless you’re a professional roofer. Besides the safety issues, there is no guarantee that your work will achieve the desired outcome. 

How many panels will you need?

The number of panels you can install in your home will depend on several factors, such as how much energy you need and available roof space. 

Here is a rough computation of how much energy a solar panel can generate.

It may take four solar panels to produce one kilowatt. Typical solar panels can produce around 250 watts per four hours of full sunlight. 

Meanwhile, a 3kW PV system can cover the energy consumption of around two to three residents. Using this formula, you will need at least 12 panels.

Since solar is “free electricity”, it is better to install as many panels as possible. 

If you are on a budget, you can start with a few panels and then make additions once your finances improve. 

How long is the ROI?

Solar panels continuously undergo technological innovations, and the growing demand has made them more affordable. 

It is an energy-efficient system where you can expect a return on investment in as little as five years and more than two decades of potential profit. 

You can even sell your excess solar power to energy companies thru incentive schemes, such as the Smart Export Guarantee.  SEG is a UK government-backed initiative launched last January 2020.

If you are a new homeowner, solar panels are great investments, especially with June 2022 Building regulations that require all new homes to reduce their carbon emissions by at least 31%.

In addition to the ROI, you also obtain independence from utility companies. You can decide how much energy from the sun goes toward powering things in your home. 

You may turn off some lights during peak hours or plan out how long each light will remain lit at night, depending on whether it is cloudy or sunny outside. 

Do you need battery storage?

Once your solar panels collect the energy, it needs to be used immediately. Fortunately, you can store that energy using solar batteries. This allows you to use clean energy whenever you need it.

Solar batteries are also rechargeable, and you can use them as backup power during power outages and even power your car.

Batteries allow you to use PV energy at night. It also makes it easier to sell that stored energy back to the grid.

Furthermore, adding batteries to your setup will further increase the return on your investment.   

Will the solar panels increase my home value?

Solar PV panels can help increase your home’s value. Buyers will certainly appreciate that your home has a clean power source. They are also more aware of environmental issues and government regulations regarding the reduction of a home’s carbon footprint. 

When you install solar panels on your roof, it means that you are making a commitment to the Earth. You have committed yourself to help our planet by reducing emissions from fossil fuels and improving the environment. 


Solar energy is the future. It is no longer considered a luxury, but it has become more mainstream. Installing solar panels in your home will eliminate, if not reduce, your energy bills and help the environment. You could even sell to the power grid the excess energy generated by your panels. 

At Kingsley Roofing Services, we offer solar PV roofing solutions that are suitable for both residential homes and commercial properties. Besides the minimal maintenance costs, you can obtain a quick return on investment and reap profits afterwards.  

Get in touch with us to learn more about how to equip your house with free electricity through solar panels.

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