Northampton Council / AMJ Construction 

Northampton Council / AMJ Construction 
Project Value
3 weeks 

Project overview

Extensive renovations were undertaken in Northampton town center to address persistent issues related to leaks in various units. The comprehensive overhaul aimed at enhancing the structural integrity and weatherproofing of the affected buildings. One of the primary interventions involved the installation of a new roof covering using a bituminous felt membrane.

The choice of a bituminous felt membrane as the roofing material signifies a durable and weather-resistant solution. Bituminous felt membranes are known for their excellent waterproofing properties, ensuring that the units are well-protected against rain, snow, and other environmental factors. This upgrade not only addresses the existing leaks but also provides long-term resilience against potential future water ingress issues.

Additionally, a thorough insulation upgrade was carried out to improve energy efficiency and enhance the overall climate control within the units. The insulation upgrade serves multiple purposes, contributing to the reduction of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. This not only creates a more comfortable indoor environment for occupants but also leads to energy savings, thereby promoting sustainability.

Furthermore, the project included the replacement of gutters, a critical component in directing rainwater away from the building. Gutter replacement is essential to prevent water accumulation on the roof and around the foundation, minimizing the risk of water-related damage. The new gutter system ensures efficient drainage, reducing the likelihood of leaks and water damage to the structure.

Project Challenges

Despite the apparent simplicity of the project, it presented a unique challenge due to the limited accessibility of the site in Northampton town centre. The constrained space posed logistical difficulties, making it imperative for the project team to devise innovative solutions to ensure the smooth execution of the renovations.

One of the key challenges was the restricted site room, which made traditional construction methods and material deliveries challenging. In response to this constraint, a strategic approach was adopted to overcome the access limitations. The project team implemented a plan to arrange partial loads to the site, optimising the use of available space effectively. This approach allowed for the gradual delivery of materials and equipment in manageable portions, minimising congestion and ensuring that the project could progress efficiently.

To further streamline the process and alleviate the impact on parking spaces, we developed a unique solution. As the partial loads arrived at the site, materials were swiftly transferred directly onto the roof. This on-the-fly loading onto the roof not only maximised the limited space available but also minimised the need for ground-level storage and reduced disruption to parking areas. This approach demonstrated adaptability and resourcefulness in the face of site constraints.

The seamless coordination of partial loads and immediate rooftop loading not only addressed the challenge of limited access but also contributed to the overall efficiency of the project. It exemplifies the project team’s ability to think strategically and execute a plan that not only mitigates challenges but also optimises the use of space and resources.


The renovation works for Northampton Council were a holistic effort to address leaks in various units.

The incorporation of a bituminous felt membrane for the roof, insulation upgrades, and gutter replacement collectively contribute to the overall improvement of the buildings’ resilience against weather-related challenges, providing a more sustainable and comfortable environment for both occupants and the structures themselves.

While the renovation project may have been straightforward in concept, the complexities of limited site access required a thoughtful and innovative approach. The strategic use of partial loads and rooftop loading not only facilitated the smooth progress of the project but also showcased the adaptability and problem-solving skills of the project team in overcoming unique site challenges.

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